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Hello students,

Welcome to our Weekly current affairs quiz questions and answers section. Weekly Current Affairs Quiz keeps you connected to Daily News and General Knowledge. Our post contains all the Weekly Current Affairs Quiz.

This post includes all the major national news, international news, business news, sports news, defense news, etc. from which we have made the questions of the Weekly Current Affairs Quiz. This Daily Current Affairs Quiz is required for all Competition exams like SSC / Bank / UPSC / Railway / Airforce / Navy / Army / Delhi Police / DSSSB / HSSC / Police Exam / TET Exam / IB and All-State Exam.

Following are the important topics of Weekly Current Affairs Quiz – International News, National News, Business News,  New Government Schemes, New Appointment, Important Days, Awards & Honours, Obituary, Defense, Agreements & Deals, Books & Authors, Submit & Conference.

We keep covering all these topics in our Weekly Current Affairs Quiz and all our Weekly Current Affairs Quiz are in very simple language.


उत्तराखंड साप्ताहिक करंट अफेयर्स (01 – 06 जून 2021)

Q1.Manish Kasniyal of Uttarakhand climbed the world’s highest peak Everest on June 1, 2021, Manish Kasniyal belongs to which district?
उत्तराखंड के मनीष कसनियाल ने 1 जून 2021 को विश्व की सबसे ऊंची चोटी एवरेस्ट पर चढ़कर फतह हासिल की मनीष कसनियाल किस जनपद से हैं?
a. Chamoli
b. Uttarkashi
c. Pithoragarh
d. Bageshwar

Q2.NITI Aayog released the report of SDG Index 2020-21, what is the position of Uttarakhand in this index?
नीति आयोग ने SDG Index 2020-21 की रिपोर्ट जारी की इस सूचकांक में उत्तराखंड को कौन सा स्थान प्राप्त हुआ?
a. Fifth
b. Seventh
c. Third
d. Fourth

Q3.Who announced the implementation of GEP on the lines of GDP in Uttarakhand on the occasion of World Environment Day?
विश्व पर्यावरण दिवस के मौके पर उत्तराखंड में जीडीपी की तर्ज पर जीईपी लागू करने की घोषणा किसने की?
a. Tirath Rawat
b. Trivendra Rawat
c. Subodh Uniyal
d. Harak Singh Rawat

Q4.Recently Shivraj Singh Rawat Nisang passed away he was the one?
हाल ही में शिवराज सिंह रावत निस्संग का निधन हो गया वे एक थे?
a. Environmentalist
b. Litterateur
c. Geographer
d. Journalist

Q5.Where will the first mushroom production training center of Pithoragarh district be set up?
पिथौरागढ़ जिले का पहला मशरूम उत्पादन प्रशिक्षण केंद्र कहाँ बनाया जाएगा?
a. Munsiyari
b. Didihat
c. Gangolihat
d. Ascot

Q6.According to the report of SDG 2020-21, what is the place of Uttarakhand in better law and order?
एसडीजी 2020-21 की रिपोर्ट के अनुसार बेहतर कानून व्यवस्था में उत्तराखण्ड किस स्थान पर रहा?
a. First
b. Fourth
c. Eighth
d. None of the above


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