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Physical Division of India ( Indian desert)

Physical Division of India

Indian Desert

  1. The Thar Desert is located in the northwest of India and southeast of Pakistan.
  2. Most of the Indo Thar Desert is located in Rajasthan but some parts are also spread in Haryana, Punjab, Gujarat and Sindh and Punjab Provinces of Pakistan. 
  3. The region receives less than 150 mm of rainfall per year.
  4. The vegetation is very less in this arid climate.
  5. Some rivers are seen only in the rainy season and after that, they dissolve in the sand. 
  6. They do not reach the sea due to insufficient water.
  7. Only ‘Luni’ is the largest river in the region.
  8. Barkan crescent-shaped sand dunes extend over a much larger area, but vertical dunes are found prominently near the India-Pakistan border.
  9. Barchans (crescent-shaped dunes) in India are mostly found in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.
  10. The Thar Desert is an undulating plain covered with sand dunes. Most of which is located in Pakistan.


  1. The Thar Desert is amazing.
  2. The sand here boils in summer. 
  3. Temperatures up to 60 ° C have been recorded in this desert.
  4. Whereas in winter the temperature drops below zero.
  5. The strong winds of the desert in the summer move the sand dunes from one place to another and provide new shapes to the dunes.


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