NCERT solutions for class 10 Maths

Chapter 7

Coordinate Geometry

Exercise 7.4

Ex 7.4 Question 1.

 Determine the ratio in which the line 2x + y – 4 = 0 divides the line segment joining the points A(2, –2) and B(3, 7).


Ex 7.4 Question 2.

Find the relation between x and y if the points (x, y), (1, 2) and (7, 0) are collinear.


Ex 7.4 Question 3.

Find the centre of a circle passing through points (6, -6), (3, -7) and (3, 3).


Ex 7.4 Question 4.

The two opposite vertices of a square are (-1, 2) and (3, 2). Find the coordinates of the other two vertices.


Ex 7.4 Question 5.

The class X students of a secondary school in Krishinagar have been allotted a rectangular plot of land for their gardening activity. Saplings of Gulmohar are planted on the boundary at a distance of 1 m from each other. There is a triangular lawn in the plot as shown in the fig. 7.14. The students are to sow the seeds of flowering plants on the remaining area of the plot.

(i) Taking A as origin, find the coordinates of the vertices of the triangle.

(ii) What will be the coordinates of the vertices of triangle PQR if C is the origin?

Also calculate the areas of the triangles in these cases. What do you observe?


Ex 7.4 Question 6.

The vertices of a ∆ ABC are A (4, 6), B (1, 5) and C (7, 2). A line is drawn to intersect sides AB and AC at D and E respectively, such that . Calculate the area of the ∆ ADE and compare it with area of ∆ ABC. (Recall Theorem 6.2 and Theorem 6.6)


Ex 7.4 Question 7.

Let A (4, 2), B (6, 5) and C (1, 4) be the vertices of ∆ ABC.

(i) The median from A meets BC at D. Find the coordinates of point D.

(ii) Find the coordinates of the point P on AD such that AP : PD = 2 : 1.

(iii) Find the coordinates of point Q and R on medians BE and CF respectively such that BQ : QE = 2:1 and CR : RF = 2 : 1.

(iv) What do you observe?

[Note : The point which is common to all the three medians is called the centroid

and this point divides each median in the ratio 2 : 1.](v) If A (x1, y1), B (x2, y2) and C (x3, y3) are the vertices of triangle ABC, find the coordinates of the centroid of the triangle.


Ex 7.4 Question 8.

ABCD is a rectangle formed by the points A (-1, – 1), B (-1, 4), C (5, 4) and D (5, -1). P, Q, R and S are the midpoints of AB, BC, CD and DA respectively. Is the quadrilateral PQRS a square? a rectangle? or a rhombus? Justify your answer.




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