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कंप्यूटर से संबंधित प्रमुख शब्द

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कंप्यूटर से संबंधित प्रमुख शब्द

Key words related to computer

ALGOL – Algorithmic Language

ALU – Arthmatic and Logical Unit

AMD – Advaced Micro Devices

API – Application Programming Interface

ASP – Application Service Provider

BASIC – Beginners All purpose Symbolic Instruction Code

BIOS – Basic input Output System

BITS – Binary Digits

BPI – Bytes Per Inch

CAD – Computer Aided Design

CAL – Computer Aided Learning

CD – Compact Disk

CDMA – Code Division Multiple Access

CPU – Central Processing Unit

DBMS – Database Management System

DMA – Direct Memory Access

DNS – Domain Name System

DOS – Disk Operating System

FTP – File Transfer Protocol

GPU – Graphics Processing Unit

GUI – Graphical User Interface

HDD – Hard Disk Drive

HDL – Hardware Markup Language

HTTP – Hypertext Trasfer Protocol

IMAP – Internet Massage Access Protocol

IP – Internet Protocol

IPC – Inter-Process Communication

LAN – Local Area Network

MDI – Multiple Document Interface

MIPS – Million Insturuction Per Second

MODEM – Modulator-Demodulator

RAM – Random Access Memory

ROM – Read Only Memory

UI – User Interface

UL – Upload

URI – Unifrom Resourece Identifier

UL – Upload

URI – Unifrom Resourece Identifier

URL – Uniform Resourece Locator

USB – Uniform Serial Bus

WLAN – Wireless Local Area Network

www-World Wide Web

EPROM – Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

IGMP – Internet Group Management Acces Protocol

ISDN – Integrated Service Communication Network

MAN – Matropolition Area Network

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