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Daily Current Affairs 09 May 2021 Quiz

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Hello students,

Welcome to our daily current affairs quiz questions and answers section. Quiz for Competitive Exams/ Daily Current Affairs Quiz keeps you connected to Daily News and General Knowledge. Our post contains all the Quiz for Competitive Exams/ Daily Current Affairs Quiz.

This post includes all the major national news, international news, business news, sports news, defense news, etc. from which we have made the questions of Quiz for Competitive Exams/ Daily Current Affairs Quiz. This Daily Current Affairs Quiz is required for all Competition exams like SSC / Bank / UPSC / Railway / Airforce / Navy / Army / Delhi Police / DSSSB / HSSC / Police Exam / TET Exam / IB and All-State Exam.

Following are the important topics of Quiz for Competitive Exams/  Daily Current Affairs Quiz – International News, National News, Business News,  New Government Schemes, New Appointment, Important Days, Awards & Honours, Obituary, Defense, Agreements & Deals, Books & Authors, Submit & Conference.

We keep covering all these topics in our Quiz for Competitive Exams/ Daily Current Affairs Quiz and all our Quiz for Competitive Exams/ Daily Current Affairs Quiz are in very simple language.

Daily Current Affairs 09 May 2021 Quiz

Q1.How much horsepower of the “12B engine”, the most powerful electric locomotive in the country, has been recently included by Indian Railways?
देश के सबसे शक्तिशाली विद्युत इंजन “12बी इंजन” के कितने हॉर्स पावर को भारतीय रेलवे ने हाल ही में के शामिल किया है?
a. 5000 horsepower
b. 7000 horsepower
c. 12000 horsepower
d. 15000 horsepower

Q2.Which aerospace company in the world successfully landed the starship SN15 without explosion for the first time?
विश्व की किस एयरोस्पेस कंपनी ने पहली बार विस्फोट के बिना स्टारशिप एसएन 15 को सफलतापूर्वक लैंड किया है?
c. SpaceX
d. None of the above

Q3.Recently N. Rangaswamy has sworn in as the Chief Minister of which union territory?
हाल ही में एन रंगास्वामी ने किस केन्द्रशासित प्रदेश के मुख्यमंत्री के पद की शपथ ली है?
a. Andaman and Nicobar
b. Jammu and Kashmir
c. Dadar Nagar Haveli
d. Puducherry

Q4.Which country has made a single-dose vaccine of Corona?
किस देश ने कोरोना की सिंगल डोज वैक्सीन बना ली है?
a. Japan
b. China
c. Canada
d. Russia

Q5.Which state has recently launched an Ayurvedic Telemedicine facility for Corona patients?
हाल ही में किस राज्य ने कोरोना रोगियों के लिए आयुर्वेदिक टेलीमेडिसिन सुविधा शुरू की है?
a. Kerala
b. Gujarat
c. Haryana
d. Maharashtra

Q6.Among the following has recently submitted its annual action plan under which scheme to provide 30 lakh new connections by 2021-22?
निम्नलिखित में से केरल ने हाल ही में 2021-22 तक 30 लाख नए कनेक्शन प्रदान करने के लिए किस योजना के तहत अपनी वार्षिक कार्य योजना प्रस्तुत की है?
a. PMKY Scheme
b. Ayushman Bharat Scheme
c. Education plan
d. Water life mission

Q7.Ipe Mini and BC Patnaik have been recommended by the Bank Board Bureau for the posts of two new MDs of which of the following companies?
निम्नलिखित में से किस कंपनी के दो नए एमडी के पदों के लिए आईपे मिनी और बीसी पटनायक की बैंक बोर्ड ब्यूरो ने सिफारिश की है?
a. Bank of Baroda
b. Tata
c. Adani
d. Life Insurance Corporation of India

Q8.Recently China has banned all “trade agreements” with which country?
हाल ही में चीन ने किस देश के साथ हुए सभी “व्यापारिक समझौतों” पर रोक लगा दी है?
a. Africa
b. Australia
c. Japan
d. India

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