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Tissue 6.1-Tissue A cluster of cells in the body that performs a particular type of functions are called tissues. Eg- Blood, phloem and muscle etc Plants -•They contain supportive tissues generally made up of dead cells. Animal -•Tissues are generally made up of living cells.… Read More »Tissue

The Fundamental Unit of Life

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The Fundamental Unit of Life 5.1-Cell- •Cells are basic building units of all the organisms that are in our surroundings. .•Discovered by Robert Hooke in the year 1665. •He used primitive microscope for the observation. •Cell is a Latin word that has the meaning ‘… Read More »The Fundamental Unit of Life

Structure Of The Atom

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Structure Of The Atom 4.1 Thomson’s model of an atom- •JJ Thomson was the first one to propose a model of a structure of an atom. •He compared atom with Christmas pudding and watermelon. Therefore this model is also known as plum pudding model •He… Read More »Structure Of The Atom

Atoms and Molecules

Atoms and Molecules 3.1 Laws of chemical combinations- Given by -Antoine L. Lavoisier and Joseph L. Proust 1- Law of conservation of mass –“Mass can neither be created nor destroyed in a chemical reaction.” 2- Law of constant proportion- “In a chemical substance the elements… Read More »Atoms and Molecules

Is matter around us pure

Is matter around us pure 2.1 Mixture It is constituted by more than one kind of pure substance. Types of mixtures-There are two types of mixture: • Homogeneous mixture- A mixture which has a uniform composition throughout. Example- Salt /sugar dissolved in water. • Heterogeneous… Read More »Is matter around us pure

Matter in Our Surroundings

Matter in Our Surroundings Chapter – 1 (Chemistry) Everything in this universe is made up of material which we named as “matter”. Example – Stars, plants, clouds, stones are all matter. So, we can define matter as materials which occupy space and have mass. 1.1… Read More »Matter in Our Surroundings

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