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GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT Landfills- Low lying area where garbage is collected. • Reused part is separated out from that garbage. Composting- Conversion of materials into manure. Vermicomposting The method of preparing compost with the help of redworms. We can use green leaves, husk, or… Read More »GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT

Air Around Us

Air Around Us Atmosphere- The earth is surrounded by a thin layer of air which extends up to several kilometres above the surface of the earth. •As we move higher, the air gets rarer that is why mountaineers carry an oxygen cylinder with them while… Read More »Air Around Us


WATER From where we get water from? There are many sources of water : •Ponds •Lakes •Rivers •Wells About two-thirds of the earth is covered with water. Water cycle : Process of the water cycle – •Disappearing trick of water – #The process of changing… Read More »WATER

Fun with Magnets

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Fun with Magnets Magnetic and Non-magnetic materials  Magnetic materials- Materials which get attracted towards a magnet are called magnetic material. Example- Iron, Nickel or Cobalt Non -magnetic materials- Materials which do not attract towards a magnet are called non-magnetic materials. Example- Plastic, Wood Poles of… Read More »Fun with Magnets

Electricity and Circuits

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Electricity and Circuits Electric cell- Provide electricity to the bulb in a torch. Has two terminals-a negative terminal and a positive terminal. Produces electricity from the chemicals stored inside it. Filament – The thin wire that gives off light in the bulb. Two thicker wires… Read More »Electricity and Circuits

Light ,Shadows and Reflection

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Light, Shadows, and Reflection Luminous objects – Objects that emit light of its own. Example – Sun,stars,torch etc. Transparent, Opaque and translucent objects- Transparent object- • which allow light to pass through them and • we can clearly see through them. Example- Window glasses. Translucent… Read More »Light ,Shadows and Reflection


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BODY MOVEMENTS Joints – Places where two parts of our body seem to be joined together. Types of joints- There are different types of joints in our body that help in carrying out different movements and activities. Some of them are: 1. Ball and socket… Read More »BODY MOVEMENTS


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GETTING TO KNOW PLANTS Plants can be classified into three categories. Herbs Shrubs  Trees. Herbs- Green and tender stem. Short. Do not have many branches. Shrubs- The stems are hand but not very thick. Develop branches near the base of the stem. Trees- Very tall.… Read More »GETTING TO KNOW PLANTS

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