NCERT solutions for class 6 Maths

chapter – 4

Basic Geometrical Ideas

Exercise 4.2

Ex 4.2 Question 1.

Classify the following curves as (i) Open or (ii) Closed.


(a)Open curve

(b) Closed curve

(c) Open curve

(d) Closed curve

(e) Closed curve

Ex 4.2 Question 2.

Draw rough diagrams to illustrate the following :
(a) Open curve (b) Closed curve.


Ex 4.2 Question 3.

Draw any polygon and shade it’s interior.


Ex 4.2 Question 4.

Consider the given figure and answer the questions :
(a) Is it a curve? (b) Is it closed?


(a)Yes, it is a curve.

(b) Yes, it is a closed curve.

Ex 4.2 Question 5.

Illustrate, if possible, each one of the following with a rough diagram:
(a) A closed curve that is not a polygon.
(b) An open curve made up entirely of line segments.
(c) A polygon with two sides.




(c) No, it is not possible to draw a polygon with two sides.


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